[Phone Enquiry]
Professional customer service representative will be reached at: +86 595 88732788. We are happy to answer any questions about business or services
[Door-to-Door Communication]
Professional business representative will visit to give professional advice on style and fabrics
[Customize Contract]
After consultation and communication, we will sign contract and start implementation
[Door-to-Door Measure]
Professional craftsmen will visit every client to make sure the product is well tailored
[Data Transmission]
Clients’ size data will be transmitted to the headquarter system through the Company’s service network across China
[Computer-aided Design]
Senior designers cope with the data, drawing a design through computer, in order to ensure platemaking’s accuracy
Using advanced equipment with 395 working procedures and 30 quality-control centres to achieve excellency
[Quality Inspection]
Products are strictly inspected by professionals before leave the factory
[Home Delivery Service]
Make sure products are not wrinkled during delivery through solid packing with flat box. We promise to achieve timely delivery with professionalism and endeavor to provide excellent products and services for our well-deserved reputation