Research and Design

For each of our brands, Fuguiniao, FGN and AnyWalk, we have a separate research, design and development team. We place great emphasis on offering comfortable and high quality footwear in a variety of styles in line with the latest fashion trends and customers’ needs. We engage in the research, design and development of footwear systematically via our internal design and development department, as well as cooperation with well recognized external designers and design institutions. In March 2012, we established a research center in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, focusing on the research and design of products we manufacture for third parties, which further strengthened our research and design capabilities.

Our designers have won several national prizes for footwear design, including first prize in the National Leather Footwear Design Grand Prix (全國皮鞋設計大獎賽), the grand prize in the China Leather Design Grand Prix (中國皮革設計大獎賽) and first prize in the China Leather Footwear Quality Evaluation (Men’s footwear A class) (全國皮鞋質量評比男鞋A 類).

Our design and development teams identify new fashion trends by visiting major fashion shows and exhibitions as well as by drawing inspiration from design and market trend information we purchase from international third-party research institutions on a quarterly basis. On average, our design and development team has a current design capacity of approximately 1,500 SKUs for our footwear products and approximately 300 SKUs for our menswear products per season.